About Me!

Hello! I go by the name Melissa. I live in Norway, but I’m actually from the states. I was born in Chicago and grew up there until the year I turned 11. I am of norwegian heritage, both of my parents are norwegian and thus the reason we moved to Norway, my mom missed her family, as did my father but he loves the states so much. Well, I never did like to read in my earlier years, I did read but mostly lighter material like Roald Dahl and Goosebumps. I did give Harry Potter a go when the book came out, I think I was around 8-9 years old, I never got the hang of it, I read the first 3 books but when the fourth came out I gave up, the size of “The Goblet of Fire” was way to intimidating, so, I gave up on reading for awhile. During my 18th year of age I stumbled upon the Percy Jackson series, and I FELL IN LOVE!! I love anything mythology and greek mythology was just right up my alley. I remember reading “The lightning thief” in like 4 days, and just the week before the movie came out. I loved the book, and hated the movie. Ever since I have just fell in love with reading, and esspecially the Young Adult genre. When I moved to Stavanger I was fortunate enough to get a job at the local bookstore and I got a chance to meet new titles and new subgenres. Reading is so important to me, I love getting lost into whole other worlds and meet new characters and mourn favourite characters whom authors love to kill-off. I also love contemporary books, easy to read, easy to adapt to and also relate to. Well, I guess I wrote alot here. You’re awsome if you managed to read everything! Just a small note, I also wish, just like everyone else who loves books, to become and author one day. I do have a series ongoing, the only problem is writhing it. But it is in the science fiction young adult genre and it’s really original but has that same young adult feel when reading 🙂

This is my story and I want to share it with you ^.^



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