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My bookshelf!

Well, well, well. Let me introduce you to the star of my blog. Of course my bookshelf. It’s packed at the moment, and I unfortunately had to reorganize the whole thing so that I could have more room for more books. So, I really hate the look of it right now, and I can not wait until I move into the new apartment in 7-8 months from now…who knows how many books I have bought by then….

ImageWell, here you have it! And yes, almost all the shelves are double stacked and I hate when the spines are set horisontal..I. HATE. IT. But, I do love my bookshelf dearly. I also recently counted that I own 122 unread books out of just over 300 owned books. As you see, I have a very bad book-buying problem.


Good day fellow book lovers!

So, I’ll start with Introducing myself. My name is Melissa Eikeland. I am a Norwegianer who wishes to share my love of books to all of you who joins in on my blog. I currently study at the University in Stavanger, where I am taking by bachelors degree in English, and hopefully I’ll sooner or later become an english teacher in highschool. I also wish to take a year and study athletism and probably become a gym teacher aswell. Well, enough about the boring stuff. I’ll be posting about anything that has to do with books! Like, what I’m currently reading, bookhauls, shelf-tours, booktalks, and so on….I’ll probably be mostly influenced by some booktubers and see if I can get some top 5 this and answer some random questions that! This blog is about books, and books are so beautiful!!

Btw, have you guys caught up on the new cover-release of Sarah J. Maas newest book in the Throne of Glass series?? It’s spectacular, I love it!!!


Just look at that beauty. Celaena is one of my favourite heroines, she’s beautiful and kicks ass. What more do you want in a female protaginist, am I right?

Well, I hope those of you who read my blog, joins in my journey through the worl of beautiful books. I’ll see to it that I’ll blog at least two times a week.

And for those of you wondering: I am currently reading, “Dreams of Gods and Monsters” by Laini Taylor and it’s so good. If you haven’t had a chance to start on the Daughter of smoke and bone trilogy I highly reccomend you do it, but have patience, it’s a high fantasy book and if you get through them you’ll won’t regret it.