April Book-Haul

So, I managed to buy some books this month. Not some though, just 6 books, and 7 comics. Woopsies. But hey, you just can’t resist buying the book when the cover has oh I don’t know, Celaena Sardothian on it or Bilbo Baggins or you know Agustus Waters and Hazel Grace on it. See! I can’t handle myself, when the covers are so mindblowingly beautiful, you just gotta buy them, right?

But, out of everything I bought I had only read one of them before and that was “The Fault in our Stars”, I just couldn’t pass up on the movie tie-in. It was just too perfect and I had to have it. Plus, I cannot wait to re-read it before the movie premieres, I am going to cry so much, oh my god.

ImageHere they are, my April book-haul. I do usually buy alot of books each month but this month I splurged abit on comic books. I have wanted to read Saga for some time now, because my best friend read it and she just loved it! And said I would probably love it even more, i don’t know. It’s about this whole other universe with different races of something that looks like chimera, but also other races like the “bluebloods” who these weird manifestations or combinations of computerheads and human bodies, it sick! But the story and the graphic was just so good and so addictive. I read Vol. 1 yesterday and loved it!!! It was so imagineable, funny, loving and awesome to infinity! I reccomend it highly if you love wacky stuff that is just unimagineable to begin with!

ImageThere are only 3 Vol. out now, I’m going to read the rest tomorrow after my exam, and I can’t wait!! It’s going to be such a treat. So, you if ever see them in stores or at your local comic book store, just buy them!

When it comes to the other books and comics I bought, I just finished Dreams of Gods and Monsters, and I am considering writing a review about the trilogy, it’s just my memory sucks and I always just remembers bits and pieces when I finish a book. But the conclusion was perfect, that’s all I want to say right now. The Hobbit, Half-Bad, My life with the Walter boys and The Assassin’s Blade are going to be read, hopefully during May or the summer. I have read the first novella in the Assassin’s Blade (which by the way is a novella collection of stories about Celaena before Throne of Glss). And I started on Guardians of the Galaxy, I fell in love with the movie trailer and just had to buy the comics. Also I love Nightwing so much, and was so glad to stumble upon the New 52 series yesterday and had to buy it.

There you go my April Book-Haul. Next post will be my April Book Wrap up (Books I read in April)


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